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When you feel an addictive desire, go to the gym and do an exhausting workout. Or take psychological medication to squelch the desire.

All these and other forms of repression basically advise the addict to try to get away from his or her addictive desire.

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One thing I've learned is that beating yourself up does not help. As a seasoned addiction counselor, I know that you will be tempted to lie to yourself and/or your partner or me about your addiction.

Instead of beating yourself up or concluding that you're hopeless, use your discovery of this website and my free e-book as an opportunity to expand your knowledge so that you get the control over this very troubling problem you've struggled with most of your life. Anyone who tells you that overcoming a porn addiction, compulsive masturbation, infidelity, or promiscuity is easy is not someone to be trusted. But what I can do, and what the Most Personal Addiction can do, is help you overcome the temptation to lie to yourself and your partner or me about your sex addiction.

I've been helping people overcome sex addiction since 1983 and I'm still learning every day. Anyone willing to be honest about his or her addiction and willing to put in effort can do it.I was working late." And of course, "I would never cheat on you." The first goal in counseling is to help the addicted person stop lying.Despite the years and years of lies the addicted person may have told himself and others, he can stop lying. The addicted person does need medication, meetings, or years of therapy analyzing his childhood to stop lying.Conventional licensed therapy and the 12-step program fail in the area of sexual addiction because their advice is based on living in a world without stress, fatigue, anger or hunger.Topics on this page: You can break free |Cope With Failure | When To Stop | Misconceptions | Partner Addicted | Counselor Qualifications | Kinds of Sex Addiction | Codependency | Sex addiction and criminal behavior For most sexually addicted people, sex addiction has been their predominant sexual experience.With proper guidance the sexually addicted person can be completely truthful about any sex addiction, including a porn addiction, addictive masturbation, using prostitutes, massage parlors and the various other forms of sexual addiction. Effort Most addicted people are willing to work at overcoming their addiction once they enter counseling.