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If you cant handle the heat, don't step into the pan.
If dating Swedish men was confusing enough, then dating Swedish women must be more so.

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For many men, especially for more reserved or shy men, that pain is nowhere more sharply felt than in the area of dating and attraction.

To get to Point B (attracting your dream woman) from Point A (a dating life with little semblance of dreaminess) requires a journey, and the more fun the journey, the more effective.

” She went on to explain that her friend from college — a guy named Christian — had the same problem with women for most of his life and how he recently went a bit “crazy” trying to figure out how to get a girlfriend. Anna said she was just as shocked as I was so she asked him what was going on. He told her he had reverse engineered the secret to intense female attraction using Literotica and Psychology.

” “He has a gorgeous model for a girlfriend now that’s how! ” Anna pulled up his Facebook profile, and the pictures didn’t lie.

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The only way for it to be fun is to find your genuine values, qualities, and preferences and apply those at each step towards attracting your dream woman. You must discern what is uniquely sexually attractive about you and showcase that in your presentation online and in-person.

She explained that he bought a bunch of other books on all kinds of unusual topics and was up all hours of the night reading and studying. I didn’t hear from him for weeks.” “So what does this have to do with me Anna? Anna admitted it sounded a little crazy but his results were undeniable. It’s actually my main reason for writing you today.

Christian knew about her love of Literotica and had taken all her books and was doing some kind of weird research with them. He called the discovery an “Obsession Story” and that all women are born with it. I mentioned that you had the same problem and he said he would be happy to share his secrets with you if you were willing to be open-minded.” Well, I was foaming at the mouth to talk to this guy. She gave me his number and I texted him the next day, and we scheduled a time to talk. Long story short, since I took Christian’s advice here are the shocking results I experienced that I consider a true miracle for me: Since then, something else amazing happened.

, a company that helps smart introverted men attract women naturally without being someone they’re not. Being effective comes down to two things: (A) having fun (I’ll explain below) and (B) doing the right things in the right order.

Introverted Alpha has been featured in Forbes, Cosmo, Business Insider, The Huffington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, to name a few. This is unfortunate not just because of the feeling of pain, which is obviously not pleasant, but because if you’re approaching a whole part of life already feeling defeated, how much progress can you really make? Think about applying Peter’s style advice to your wardrobe…