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Usually, this is a lack of features, overcomplication, a laggy platform or a number of other things that ruin the fun.

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Get peace of mind your property is secure with the Ring wired outdoor Full HD security system.Featuring an IP Camera with flood lights and 110d B siren, this system records images at Full HD 1080p.I thought it was just about refueling to allow more air to vent to get tank full(er).Inside the fuel tank, there is an expansion chamber designed to hold petrol fumes (which is obviously irrelevant to diesel).It's equipped with dual ultra-wide sensors with motion zones that can be customized from the Ring App and your compatible mobile device.Very easy to install Good picture quality, and extremely bright lights. Only issue is the app sometimes hangs when answering notifications on Android (Samsung S77 Edge). I can always watch the live feed, but occasionally when I click the notification panel on my phone it has trouble connecting. So far not loving this camera, especially compared to Nest products.You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.

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I used 18. miles, for a fuel economy of 70.6 miles per gallon...

Before the vent, a normal fill was about 14 gallons, after, 16.8 or so.

I understand that my year model doesn't have the same fuel tank set-up (VW states my tank is 14.5 gal)- largest fill-up is 13.4 gals- (low fuel light came on- maybe 15 miles before refuel) if I could get another 3 gallons on board that would be great!

In theory, the newer cars, like my B5 Passat, has fuel light activation with about 2.1 gallons left in tank.

This is also the amount I can squeeze in by venting.