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That made it hard for her to be a mother.'The Queen and Albert both had damaged childhoods.'Victoria felt that as a child she was wronged,' explains Daisy.

'She was basically kept in prison in Kensington Palace and felt that her mother, the Duchess of Kent, didn't love her enough; that she gave all her attention to the awful John Conroy, the comptroller of her household,' — referring to the man rumoured to be the Duchess's lover.'Victoria felt deprived.

Albert's reaction is to look disappointed and suggest it might be a good idea to sleep alone that night, outside of the marital chamber. They were the Antony and Cleopatra of the 19th century — a ruler and her consort whose love was a rollercoaster of passion and drama — so we can expect a lot of emotional fireworks in the second series, which starts on Sunday.

Jenna, 31, enjoyed the passionate rows the royal couple have.'It is fun!

Is it an advantage knowing each other so well off-screen? But, of course, it helps if you get on with whom you are working.'Tom, 31, adds: 'There are magic moments on screen, and they often happen by accident.

Victoria adored going to bed with her husband but loathed being pregnant, and we see her frustration exploding on screen.

At the start of series two (which covers 1841-1847), the royal couple are struggling to define their power balance.

'Victoria has been in confinement,' explains Jenna.

'They believed that when women had babies, they should lie horizontal for a month after the birth.

She is not in the best of tempers having been fussed over during that time.