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However, as time progressed, it proved to be a complete rewrite.

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Particularly in summer, layers of kimono can be very hot; as the edge of the collar of the naga-juban kimono can be seen at the edge of the outer kimono's collar; a date-eri stitched to the collar of the outer kimono gives the impression of a naga-juban beneath, allowing the wearer to omit the naga-juban, in order to stay cooler A small, Japanese pellet drum.

It has two heads and a rod handle, with beads or pellets hanging on threads on either side of the body of the drum.

The ama part of the name means they are for rainwear and have the addition of toe covers to help keep the feet dry.

The Plum Blossom Festival, is held at Kitano Tenmangu Shrine in Kyoto every February to honour the memory of the deified patron saint of literature, Sugawara Michizane.

A small brocaded cloth, about a quarter of the size of a fukusa, used at tea ceremonies.

Three to four dango are often served on a skewer, often seen as pink, white and green Also called kobukusa.

At the start of each letter of the alphabet, there is a Back To Top link that will return you to the top of the page.

Note that English spellings vary a lot, for example zori may also be spelled zoori or zouri, homongi may be spelled houmongi etc. Hyphenated words are often written with no hyphen, either as two words or together as one word; for example, ko furisode may also be seen as ko-furisode or kofurisode. Various shades are achieved by repeated immersions interspersed with periods of drying (allows dye to oxidize and darken).

A classic motif consisting of various selections of flowers and autumn grasses; traditionally includes hagi (bush clover), kiku (chrysanthemum), susuki (pampas grass), kikyo (Chinese bellflower) Japanese, thong toed sandals with wooden soles with two diagonal pieces of wood, making them somewhat stilt-like.

The height is intended to help keep the kimono hem off the ground.