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A person may have a desire for sex, but not have the opportunity to act on that desire, or may on personal, moral or religious reasons refrain from acting on the urge.
You can read our article series on Kerala backwaters to know more about this distinctive geographic formation found rarely on earth. Participate in a Theyyam Festival: Theyyam dressed up as Vishnu Moorthy : Image by freebird (bobinson) via flickr One of the traditional art forms of Kerala and performed in the Malabar region of Kerala.

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If you're new here, be sure to subscribe to Ghost Hunting Secrets for free ghost hunting tips, videos, haunted locations, and other goodies. Other subscribers want to know why orbs appear in many of their photographs. Some people question whether orbs are solid evidence of paranormal activity.But, I never saw with my eyes the orbs until after the pictures were taken. Coincidence or real, honest-to-goodness paranormal orbs? (I can't upload the pictures right now because this computer doesn't support my memory stick.) Thanks, Annie Hi Annie.

If you see orbs at a particular location (in person), and you can confirm this with EVP (or other evidence), then there's a good chance that what you're seeing on film could be paranormal.

There is no evidence to suggest that red orbs are harmful or more negative than white orbs.

The color difference may simply be a reflection of the spirit's energy at the time of his death—or the color may be caused by the shape/frequency of of the orb (wavelength theory #1).

I also had a photo in which there appeared to be a hole straight through my head, you could see the wall on the other side. I have seen mainly blueish purple orbs but I was lying in bed last night and my dining room totally lit up in red and I freaked out and turned the tv and light on.

I've never had that and don't know if it was an orb but it was extremely red and bright enough to scare me.