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It's all about finding financial stability for you and your family.

Questions on dating relationship

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This question is extremely important and often difficult to answer, especially if a relationship has already become too physical.Phoebe gives Monica and Chandler a Ms Pac-Man machine, then hogs it.At the end of the day, your friend is the one you're still going to need in tough times, long after this guy is gone, so don't be too let go of that.

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A: The key to asking someone out is to not really ask.

' (bad)'I'm going to this cool exhibition (or whatever) this weekend, come!

' (good)One is playful, assertive, confident and doesn't introduce doubt into their mind as to whether they would want to.

The problem is if they're not sure then their answer will sound like a 'no', when in fact it's just an awkward response to a situation they're not sure about yet.

It's this particular behaviour pattern that will cause people to run in the first place.