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We need not, therefore, address whether the provision is also unconstitutionally vague or violates the Dormant Commerce Clause. If a less restrictive means of meeting the compelling interest could be at least as effective in achieving the legitimate purpose that the statute was enacted to serve, then the law in question does not satisfy strict scrutiny. Section 33.021 of the Texas Penal Code is titled “Online Solicitation of a Minor.” It includes subsection (c)—a provision that prohibits and punishes an actor who uses electronic communications to “solicit” a minor, “to meet another person, including the actor, with the intent that the minor will engage in” certain sexual behavior.

Dating a married man getting divorced

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Linda Clements vividly recalls the moment her divorce from her husband of 25 years was finalised.

'I looked at that decree absolute, and after all the fighting and haggling, I was suddenly overcome with grief. 'But more than that, I had a nagging feeling that our divorce was a huge mistake.' Such a mistake, in fact, that in July last year - and seven years after they got divorced - Linda, now 53, and her husband Billy, 58, a businessman, remarried.

'Perhaps it was the anti-climax of all the celebrations, but I began to think: Is this it? 'The girls were leaving home and suddenly I felt life was mundane.

'The rare times we had met, we'd never really talked properly.

'I felt I'd been married forever and life was passing me by.

I didn't have any time for myself and felt trapped.

'It was akin to coming home,' recalls Linda, a health adviser.

'A relief that after what turned out to be seven years in the wilderness, I had finally realised how much Billy meant to me.' Of course, some people would claim they'd rather walk on hot coals than even contemplate marrying their former spouse.