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We don’t currently expect major changes in the normalization process but the new makeup could change things. The financial sector has benefitted in large part from the rising of the Fed Funds rate but the recent flattening of the yield curve has caused some concern.

Congress and the Administration continue to roll back regulations on the financial industry, recently by raising the level of assets required to be considered “systematically important”—a good change for regional banks. According to Cornerstone Macro Research, the average age of Private Capital Stock is at an all-time high—nearly 13 years, with tech items also threatening to break above previous highs. A measure that seems likely to be included in any tax reform bill that does pass would allow companies to expense 100% of capital expenditures immediately, instead of having to spread them over numerous years.When it’s time to make adjustments, Schwab clients can use the Stock Screener or Mutual Fund Screener to help identify buy or sell candidates in particular sectors.Schwab Equity Ratings also can provide an objective and powerful approach for helping you select and monitor stocks.Retailers will have to work for their customers, but we firmly believe there will be winners to be had at good prices—although it will take some diligence by investors. There is already a regulatory challenge to a merger in the space, the result of which could impact future potential deals.Additionally, Standard & Poor’s announced that the telecom sector would merge with members of the media and entertainment group to form a new communication services sector—beginning in September 2018 Wait! I have about 1,000 more thoughts in my head that I would love to share!The sectors we analyze are from the widely recognized Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) groupings.