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The argument that the procedure will alter demographics has been rejected by some doctors. It is still God that decides whether the procedure succeeds or not," said Cairo gynaecologist Ehab Suleiman. A leading Egyptian cleric, who asked not to be named, denied it was even possible to choose the sex of a child, saying that only God could decide the foetus's gender.

A group of Egyptian MPs recently presented a draft bill to parliament aimed at managing IVF treatment and banning sex selection for convenience purposes.

The Muslim Brotherhood, which controls a fifth of Egypt's parliament, is opposed to the practice.

Akram al-Shaer, a Brotherhood MP who sits on the health committee, said the law will probably be debated in the next parliamentary session.

He says that the Brotherhood bloc supports banning gender selection. It opens the door to corruption, no one can tell where it would lead.

Time and time again my director, Dimitri Collingridge and I met women who had either been attacked or witnessed attacks, yet none of them had reported these assaults.He served as the Hungarian Ambassador to NATO and to the United States.Ahmed Hafez is a founding member of Shayfeencom, a Human Rights NGO based in Cairo to enable the public to observe, monitor and report violations and government corruption. Yet despite all precautions to avoid sexual harassment on the streets of Cairo - and despite the fact that at nearly 40 years old I am no spring chicken  nothing works.Worse still, many women say that being grabbed and groped in public is commonplace.Mihai Patru is a Senior Fellow at the SAIS Center for Transatlantic Relations.