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By creating a profile, listing your likes and dislikes and briefly describing your personal circumstances, interests, hopes and dreams, you give other single people a small window into the kind of person you are.

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After congratulations and hugs, my mother and stepfather continued discussing where we should eat with the Fairfaxes, and my stepbrother, Thomas, started hitting on my oldest friend.A vivacious redhead from an affluent family, Jen never seemed to encounter a social situation she couldn't handle with ease, and they were soon deep in conversation.Eventually, their differences sowed grudges and they grew to hate one another as passionately as they'd loved.If I'd been anything, it was the eye of their hurricane- a calm, neutral spot in their tumultuous lives.

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"Congratulations, love, I'm so very proud of you." Having grown up in County Limerick, Ireland, there was a lilt to my father's cadence that added a mellifluous quality to his gravelly voice.

When the graduates and the audience began to converge, I clung to my best friend, Jennifer Fairfax, so I wouldn't get lost in the shuffle to the cavernous Seattle Center entrance hall.

Soon we were with our respective families, who were already making dinner plans for the night.

As soon as I made my walk across the stage, counting every step to distract myself from my nerves, the knot in my stomach finally relaxed, leaving only the general ache of physical and mental exhaustion.

At long last our caps were being tossed in the air and returned to our heads with tassels flipped in honor of our achievement.